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American Board for NLP seal of excellenceWhat is NLP?

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. It was developed by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the 1970s. They developed models that help us understand how people represent reality to themselves and further, how understanding can be used in ethical ways to conduct change work and enrich peoples' maps of the world. NLP also offers a range of techniques, which can enable great insights into the way in which we think, feel and behave. Essentially NLP is about how language affects behaviour.


What are the applications for NLP

NLP has been used in many facets of life. It has been used in coaching, therapy, training, teaching, sport, caring professions, law and even parenting. As we are all professional communicators NLP can be used in almost all walks of life.

During the NLP Practitioner Training you will discover how to use NLP in:

  • All types of communication
  • Business
  • Personal Development
  • Therapy
  • Relationships
  • Counselling
  • Sport
  • Coaching
  • Education and Learning

At JS-International our training meets the American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (one of the world’s largest governing bodies) – so your certification will have worldwide recognition.

What’s our approach?

At JS-International we’ve worked with hundreds of organisations and professionals internationally. We provide our delegates with the very best in NLP training. Our NLP training take our delegates on a life changing journey of learning, self discovery, change and personal development. To maximise your learning we create a memorable environment where you will feel confident in practicing and utilising the concepts within NLP; and we keep delegate numbers low to enhance your personal experience.

What can I expect to gain?

Attending our NLP Practitioner course is an invaluable experience for anyone who wants to:

  • Understand how they communicate with themselves and others
  • Take charge of their life and be more effective
  • Enhance their relationships and increase their behavioural flexibility
  • Remove old emotional baggage
  • Remove limiting beliefs that hold them back
  • Improve their influencing skills
  • Take charge of their emotions and positively change them for effective outcomes
  • Turn their dreams into goals and achieve them
  • Understand what people are REALLY saying when they speak
  • Change how they think of certain things / people so they feel differently and behave in a positive way

What should I expect?
The NLP Practioner course is 8 days and consists of two parts:

  • A pre course study pack consisting of a multimedia pack and a course manual. You will need to invest time completing some background reading, listening to the CD’s and completing some questions – this will require approximately 120 hours.
  • Attending the 8 day intensive Course where you will spend the week extending your learning, practicing and refining the techniques that you have focused on in the pre course work. The course is highly experiential and you will leave confident in your abilities to apply the techniques learnt.

Recommended Reading:

  • Magic of NLP Demystified - Byron Lewis and Frank Pucelik (ISBN 1 55552 017 0)
  • The NLP Coach - Ian McDermott and Wendy Jago (ISBN 7499 2186 2 hbk)
  • The structure of Magic - I and II - Grinder and Bandler (ISBN 08314 - 0044 - 7 and ISBN 08314-0049-8)
  • NLP at Work - Sue Knight (ISBN 1-85788-302-0)


2017-2018 Coaching & Mentoring course
8/2 – 10/2 2018 • The NLP Coach (3)
12/4 – 14/4 2018 • Transcultural Excellence (4)
28/6 – 30/6 2018 • Coaching for personal development (5)
6/9 – 8/9 2018 • Transitions and special brief on Team Coaching (6)

2018-2019 Coaching & Mentoring course
3/11 – 10/11 2018 • The NLP practitioner with Neuroscience (1)
7/2 – 9/2 2019 • Coaching for performance (2)
25/4 – 27/4 2019 • The NLP Coach (3)
13/6 – 15/6 2019 • Transcultural Excellence (4)
25/7 – 27/7 2019 • Coaching for personal development (5)
5/9 – 7/9 2019 • Transitions and special brief on Team Coaching (6)

2018 NLP practitioner with Neuroscience
10/3 - 17/3 2018 • NLP practitioner
3/11 - 10/11 2018 • NLP practitioner

2018-2019 NLP Master practitioner with Neuroscience
26/11 - 1/12 2018 • NLP Master practitioner I
17/3 - 22/3 2019 • NLP Master practitioner II


New module!

We're introducing a new module to our Coaching and Mentoring course. We'll update our website asap to let you know what's new!


All programmes are held near Malaga, Spain.

NLP Coaching and Mentoring

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Sally Jackson +34 620 755 531

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What our clients say:

Unbelievable, life-changing experience on a truly professional programme.
A wonderful training experience by two masters.
Professional, inspirational, transformational!



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